Uninstall problem, need to undo

Uninstall problem, need to undo

Postby jamesk » Fri 18. Oct 2013, 06:58

I really like this program but it doesn't update my site when I post a new story. After I deactivated it and deleted the files, my site still redirects to the /static/ directory and won't show the story or new comments unless I manually visit them.

How do I undo what really-static did?
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Re: Uninstall problem, need to undo

Postby Erik Sefkow » Fri 18. Oct 2013, 22:49

I'm sorry to hear that. Really-static has a buildin uninstall-routine. Normaly all uninstall works fine. Please send me your website-url to my email .
Erik Sefkow
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