Static file save

Static file save

Postby ghan » Mon 14. Jan 2013, 17:51

First of all i like your plugin and your great job. I hope your plugin will help me to reduce my server load and also help me to improve site load time. But My question is why it is printing site address like
"" in address bar? i want it simple like "" is it possible? if possible then kindly let me know.

Thanks in advance
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Re: Static file save

Postby misterm » Wed 20. Feb 2013, 12:06


I have the same issue. Have I forgotten something or missed something somewhere?

I fun wordpress in a directory on my site called "news".
Now I have this plugin activated, when I go to "" I get a wordpress 404.
All my original pages now have the same url structure as ghan's post.

Many thnaks

Mr M
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Re: Static file save

Postby Erik Sefkow » Wed 20. Feb 2013, 13:07


please use the debugfunction inside really-static, so i can check your settings and send you an mail what seems to be wrong. Please first update your really-static installation to the newest development snapsot.
Erik Sefkow
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