Moving picture

Moving picture

Postby prezla » Thu 11. Oct 2012, 19:53

How do I prevent my media files are cached.
Specifically, if I click on the picture to open instead of LightBox opens the image in a new post and then in LightBox.
Do I have to erase all formats of media in tab settings?

Re: Moving picture

Postby Erik Sefkow » Fri 12. Oct 2012, 02:05

There are two ways:

1st: enable the option "Don't copy any linked file to the static file folder, just the static Wordpressfiles"

2nd: remove the fileextensions that shouldnt cached from the "Copy all attached files with following extensions to the destination server: " list

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Erik Sefkow
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Re: Moving picture

Postby prezla » Fri 12. Oct 2012, 19:51

Thank you.

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