Error Codes

Error Codes

Postby Erik Sefkow » Fri 29. Mar 2013, 02:04

In this topic you can find error-codes that may apear in really-static combined with a solution solving your problem.

Anti-loop controllsum error
It seems really-static don't reading directly from the wordpress source. If you pointing your destinationfolder into the mainfolder of wordpress (really no good idea) please choose a other destinationfolder and remove files created by really-static inside the mainfolder of wordpress.

Getting a error (timeout, 404, 403 or 500 error ) while loading: ...
Really-static getting a error while try reading a page from wordpress, please check your Apachelogfile.
403 = not enoght rights
404 = File not found
500 = Server error

Funktion allow_url_fopen is disabled and curl_init is also not enabled on your server!
Really-static need to read the urls of your blog via http. If allow_url_fopen and curl are disabled really-static has no chance to do this. Please aktivate one of this functions inside your php.ini.
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