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I wanted to use this to cluster the website to two or more different servers, and I was wondering if this can be done through a mod to the script or a plugin? I'm sure it can be done from what I looked over, but not sure the best approach. The idea is one server would have the wordpress install (we can call it home), and the others would have the really static files installed, all on the same tld but different ips. At my nameserver, I set the A-records so it roundrobins through the different ips. Not sure if I have to put the static files in another folder like /blog/ and upload to /blog/ on all the servers to make it work.

Any ideas? Can I do this through a plugin? Basically I want to make it do local and remote I guess.

Thanks for any suggestions. Seems this would be an amazing plugin for clustering if we can get it to work
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